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We're always thinking one step ahead.

Whether complex or simple, for industrial or for private use – every project is different.
That's why you should count on the clever minds at MST who think outside the box: we're innovative, holistic, solution-oriented.
We offer great ideas in the fields of magnet technology, plastics technology, and wheel, castor and roller bearing technology. And if your project requires it, we can combine our areas of expertise: We develop individual and cross-system solutions for you in our system technology department.


At MST, one thing always takes center stage: customer benefits. That is why we, as a manufacturer, not only offer you a broad range of finished, high-quality products, but also treat you as a partner and co-thinker right from the beginning. From the intitial consultation through conception and production and right up to delivery – we guide you shoulder to shoulder through every process.

It's no wonder, then, that such dedication has been rewarded by many years of loyalty. Whether it's our customers from the aerospace, electrical or medical engineering industries, from mechanical, plant or automotive engineering, from the food or leisure industries, or the municipalities, cities or numerous private clients who rely on us – they all know that MST is always thinking one step ahead.

What sets us apart

We are quick

Initial inquiries are answered within 24 hours

We are competent

Comprehensive consulting by experienced, professionally trained employees

We are creative

Efficient and innovative solutions based on your custom specifications

We are sustainable

Little wear and tear thanks to high-quality, durable products




Whether in person on site, by telephone or online – our specialized staff will provide you with competent support right from the start.

Conception and development

We calculate all parameters for a feasibility check according to your specifications. The following steps are designed to put the theoretical values into practice.


Quality that meets the highest standards: we manufacture certified products for the aerospace, automotive and medical industries.


We store around 700 different standard articles in our two logistics centers covering an area of 5,500 m² and deliver to you on time – if desired, according to Kanban or "Just in Time" specifications.

from our online store

Our products are certified.

"With the solutions from the MST Group, we enhance the comfort and safety of our motorhome customers worldwide. A good example of this is our central locking unit, for which we require maximum quality."

Prof. Dr. Tim Nosper Owner of RV tech Technologie für Reisemobile Ravensburg

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Do you have any questions? We have answers.

Panchalingam Piraveen

Sales Manager

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