Magnet Technology

Quality that lasts.

Product development following minimum standards? Not with us. We've had one top priority as a magnet manufacturer and supplier for over 35 years: uncompromising quality.

We cut no corners when it comes to developing and manufacturing our magnets. The result: an extensive range of magnetically saturated products that are characterized by their outstanding holding force and long service life. Whether industrial magnets for companies or magnets for demanding projects at home.

In short: MST is always there for you when it comes to applications involving magnet technology.


Services - magnetic technology

  • Creation of demagnetization curves

    We are one of the only manufacturers in all of Germany to have a hystograph for creating demagnetization curves.
  • Creation of force-displacement-tear curves

    Stroke and pulling force curves in our tech center, we create single force curves from 0,1N up to 10kN.
  • Optical component measurement

    We test all our magnets using a Zeiss 3D optical measuring system for quality control and assurance purposes.
  • CAD – Detailed drawings (step/dxf)

    We design our magnets in a 3D view in advance for modeling purposes.
    We also work with a kinetic tool to simulate moving processes of assemblies.
  • Customer-specific data sheets

    We work with you to define all the specified parameters exactly as a basis for production. We then use these firmly established data sheets to create control plans for quality assurance.
  • Endurance tests

    We leave many of our magnets to operate at full capacity for several weeks in long-term tests. This allows us to make long-term forecasts and to check and define quality characteristics.



Whether in person on site, by telephone or online – our specialized staff will provide you with competent support right from the start.

Conception and development

We calculate all parameters for a feasibility check according to your specifications. The following steps are designed to put the theoretical values into practice.


Quality that meets the highest standards: we manufacture certified products for the aerospace, automotive and medical industries.


We store around 700 different standard articles in our two logistics centers covering an area of 5,500 m² and deliver to you on time – if desired, according to Kanban or "Just in Time" specifications.


Do you have any questions? We have answers.

Panchalingam Piraveen

Sales Manager

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