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Special solutions fit for the task.

Some projects can’t be completed in the usual way. Sometimes you need innovative solutions because the basic approach just won’t cut it. That’s where we can step in to help. We're always ready to share our expertise with you as an engineering service provider for systems technology.

Let's say you need standard products that have to be customized according to your specific requirements: we’ll manufacture components for you that fit into your system just the way you want them to – in terms of size, shape, material, load-bearing capacity and much more.

And what if all you have so far is an initial idea of what you need – without any specific specifications? No problem! Using a good dose of ingenuity and engineering spirit, we’ll develop your custom-made product from the ground up. Whether you are looking for completely new components or an entire, complex system, we contribute our expertise in the fields of magnets, wheels and castors, and plastics technology to find the optimal solution for you.

Our references


If you can dream it, you can do it.

We’re already designing innovative solutions of tomorrow for a variety of applications. Here are three examples:


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    Fluid regulation and control

    Precise regulation, supply and mixing of different liquids by means of a linear solenoid. Suitable for use in automotive technology (fuels, additives) or in medical technology (contrast agents, infusion solutions), for example.
  • …

    Controlled opening and closing via an ID chip

    Accurate dispensing of medications, small goods or even mail using an electronic ID signal that is sent to a linear solenoid to open the dispensing flap. Suitable for use in medical technology, retail or the postal industry, for example.
  • …

    Protecting an electronic system from moisture

    When sensors detect that the moisture limit has been exceeded, a spring-return system (consisting of an electromagnet and a closing flap) closes the housing. For example, of a wet vacuum cleaner or submersible motor.

Our process

Customer requirements

Summary of all specifications in a specification sheet. Then review and define the tasks in the form of a functional specification document.

Feasibility check

Review the functional specification document for theoretical feasibility of the specified requirements.


Inspection of 3D components by means of CAD drawings. In the case of permanent magnets, static measurement of rotational magnetic field lines by Ansys simulation.


Commence production after formal customer approval.



Whether in person on site, by telephone or online – our specialized staff will provide you with competent support right from the start.

Conception and development

We calculate all parameters for a feasibility check according to your specifications. The following steps are designed to put the theoretical values into practice.


Quality that meets the highest standards: we manufacture certified products for the aerospace, automotive and medical industries.


We store around 700 different standard articles in our two logistics centers covering an area of 5,500 m² and deliver to you on time – if desired, according to Kanban or "Just in Time" specifications.

"With the solutions from the MST Group, we enhance the comfort and safety of our motorhome customers worldwide. A good example of this is our central locking unit, for which we require maximum quality."

Prof. Dr. Tim Nosper Owner of RV tech Technologie für Reisemobile Ravensburg


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Sales Manager

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