Rehabilitation Technology

Rehabilitation equipment has to meet high hygiene requirements that apply in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and similar facilities. Consequently, the plastic surfaces of our products offer long-term antibacterial protection and can withstand frequent cleaning with aggressive cleaning agents.

Other important aspects are also taken into account in the development of our products right from the start. Strength, durability, low weight, temperature resistance, ergonomics, aesthetics and much more are always guaranteed by the combination of optimized plastic materials and suitable processing technology.

From walking aids to wheels with special functions to a wide variety of everyday aids: We offer customized solutions that provide a better quality of life for people with limited mobility.

The following selection will give you an initial overview of our portfolio. Upon request, we are of course happy to produce customized one-off items or complete systems according to your specific requirements.

Main areas of application include:

  • rehabilitation clinics
  • hospitals
  • physiotherapy practices
  • home care


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Plastics Technology

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