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Electro magnets are DC electro magnets that consume a particularly low amount of operating current. These magnets generate a force field at the pole faces that is used to hold, support and fix ferromagnetic objects. It is mounted via threaded holes on the back.

The magnetic circuit, which is open when switched on, holds ferromagnetic objects which have no wearing parts due to their design. In the standard version, the coil is embedded in cast resin; the holding surface has a north and south pole and a non-magnetic area. The object being held falls off when the power is turned off. Any residual magnetism can be neutralized by applying a non-magnetic foil or an anti-remanence system using spring force.

Connection to the electrical supply is made via free stranded wires or via plugs. For safety reasons, the electro magnet should be selected with a safety factor of 1.5-3. The maximum holding forces for both systems can only be achieved dependent on the material thickness with direct contact and the surface roughness of the material. The holding force is 90% of the rated voltage of the electro magnets when at operating temperature. This reduces in line with use cases with other conditions. Our range includes a large selection of electro magnets in a wide variety of designs. As the manufacturer, we also offer you individual special productions according to your unique requirements.

Areas of application:

  • safety technology
  • mechanical engineering

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