Rectangular Permanent Electro Magnets

Our rectangular permanent electro magnets can be used to permanently secure workpieces while being maintenance-free and extremely power-saving. The holding force is neutralized or can even be increased by supplying current.

The products primarily find their application in situations where long holding times are required without energy consumption and where a load is to be held reliably (e.g. in automation and safety engineering).

Maximum holding forces depend on the material thickness of the anchor and the air gap that may occur, e.g. the surface roughness of the material. The holding force is 90% of the rated voltage of the electro magnets (when at operating temperature).

  • power-saving
  • maintenance-free

Specifications and technical details:
Voltage [V]
Size [mm]
L 20-500
Power [N]
Protection class [IP]
device, up to IP65
Thermal class [°C]
up to 180 (H)
Duty cycle [%]

Particularly suitable for:
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Safety technology

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Variations of our Rectangular Permanent Electro Magnets:

Length [mm]Width [mm]Height [mm]Power [W]Force [N]Weight [kg]
100 40 35 45 950 0.88
150 40 35 54 1,500 1.31
200 40 35 96 2,300 1.8
300 40 35 120 4,000 2.72
400 40 35 175 6,000 3.61
500 40 35 230 7,500 4.3

Customized manufacturing of your rectangular permanent electro magnet

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Possible extensions for Rectangular Permanent Electro Magnets:

  • cable
  • plugs
  • anchor/support plate

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