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When it comes to plastics technology and plastic injection molding, we're the best in the business. There is good reason for that: With over 55 years of experience, the most advanced injection molding technology, precise knowledge of the market and more than 200 molds for injection molding machines, we guarantee highly precise designs that are successfully implemented with outstanding results.

Be it a prototype, individual or series part, small series, medium or large series, complex assemblies or the development of jigs and fixtures: we always meet each customer’s individual requirements.

We are committed to the highest quality from the very beginning: we select high-quality plastics such as (e.g. ABS, PA 66 GF30 and many more) according to customer specifications and benefits, and use them in the production process. This results in products that stand out for their exceptional longevity and durability.

We are also known for our reliability and adherence to schedules – from design and development to delivery. So that leaves just one question: What can we do for you?


Services - Plastics Technology

  • Optical component measurement

    We test all our products using a Zeiss 3D optical measuring system for quality control and assurance purposes.
  • CAD – Detailed drawings (step/dxf)

    We design our products in a 3D view in advance for modeling purposes.
    We also work with a kinetic tool to simulate moving processes of assemblies.
  • Customer-specific data sheets

    We work with you to define all the specified parameters exactly as a basis for production. We then use these firmly established data sheets to create control plans for quality assurance.
  • 3D-printed samples

    Before beginning series production, we create sample parts using a state-of-the-art 3D printer. This allows changes to the design to be made quickly, which not only saves time, but also money.
  • Material analysis and testing

    We regularly subject the materials used to a range of tests for quality assurance purposes, including hardness testing, penetration and thermographic testing, and spectral analysis.
  • Tool design and creation

    Each plastic part requires a special mold that is inserted into the injection molding machine. We design and build the tool based on your specifications.

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Whether in person on site, by telephone or online – our specialized staff will provide you with competent support right from the start.

Conception and development

We calculate all parameters for a feasibility check according to your specifications. The following steps are designed to put the theoretical values into practice.


Quality that meets the highest standards: we manufacture certified products for the aerospace, automotive and medical industries.


We store around 700 different standard articles in our two logistics centers covering an area of 5,500 m² and deliver to you on time – if desired, according to Kanban or "Just in Time" specifications.


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Plastics Technology

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