Flanged Wheels

Flanged wheels are mainly used for transportation on rails. Their particularly robust design means that they can be found in a wide range of industrial applications, e.g. in crane systems or production lines.

The designs and performance classes for flanged wheels vary depending on the rail standard: We offer flanged wheels in many different diameters, widths and with high load capacities. They are made of gray cast iron with a temperature resistance of up to 100°C. Our cast iron flanged wheels are shock resistant.

The wheel flange and tread are neatly overturned, the tread rising 3° to the axle. Starting from a diameter of 150 mm, our wheels have recesses in the wheel body to reduce weight. From 125 mm in diameter, they are equipped with a grease nipple.

  • various models
  • temperature resistant up to 100°C

Particularly suitable for:
  • Industry
  • Transport sector

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