Tubular Linear Solenoids

Tubular solenoids are the most stable of all linear solenoids. The coil is located in a tubular housing, which is reminiscent of a cylinder in terms of shape.

Tubular solenoids can be used as pulling or lifting solenoids and are well suited for use in locking systems.

Our range includes a large selection of tubular solenoids in a wide variety of designs. As the manufacturer, we can also offer you products that are custom made according to your unique requirements. 

  • can exert pulling or pushing force 
  • particularly suitable for locking systems

Specifications and technical details:
Voltage [V]
Size [mm]
Power [N]
Protection class [IP]
device, up to IP65
Thermal class [°C]
up to 180 (H)
Stroke length [mm]
Duty cycle [%]

Particularly suitable for:
  • Automation technology
  • Medical technology
  • Safety technology

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Variations of our Tubular Linear Solenoids:

Ø [mm]Length [mm]Power [W]Stroke length [mm]Stroke Force [N]
13 26.7 4 2 1
20 39 7 7 0.5
25 51 11 10 5
60 86 28 15 40
72 65 22 15 27
90 95 48 35 50
125 150 84 50 120

Customized manufacturing of your tubular linear solenoid

Didn't find what you were looking for? We can extend our electromagnets according to your wishes – please contact us!

Possible extensions for Tubular Linear Solenoids:

  • plugs
  • threaded pin
  • return spring
  • clevis / fork head

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